What happened to Jo Lindner aka Joesthetics?

What happened to Jo Lindner aka Joesthetics? Tributes pour in as popular bodybuilder dies aged 30.

Social media users and fans of Jo Lindner, better known as Joesthetics, were left devastated after they heard the news of the bodybuilder’s passing. The German influencer was 30 years old when he took his last breath. Confirming the death, Jo Lindner’s girlfriend, Nicha, revealed that he passed away due to an aneurysm. Sharing the same on Instagram, Nicha, known as Immapeaches on the platform, revealed that Jo was in her arms when he passed away. Claiming that he had been feeling pain in his neck for 3 days, the bodybuilder passed away on June 30, 2023.

Jo Lindner Aka Joesthetics Passes Away At 30

Jo Lindner Aka Joesthetics Passes Away At 30

Jo Lindner Aka Joesthetics Passes Away At 30 Due to An aneurysm is basically the weakening of blood vessels, which causes the enlargement of an artery.

What Is Aneurysm?

An aneurysm is caused by blood vessel thinning or weakness, which results in the expansion or rupture of an artery. Aneurysms are most commonly found in the aorta, brain, back of the knee, gut, or spleen. Internal bleeding and stroke can occur as a result of a burst aneurysm. It is sometimes lethal.

Jo Was Worried About His Health.

Before his demise, ‘Joesthetics’ had interviewed Bradley Marten for Bradley Martyn Raw Talk. In the interview, the bodybuilder mentioned that he had a ripping muscle disease, which caused the muscles to be susceptible to movement and tense upon a bump or contact.

“The heart is also a muscle, that’s my biggest concern what if I get such a bad cramp that my heart gets a cramp… That makes me scared. That’s why I’m staying away from bodybuilding competitions too much.”

“Using anabolic steroids might result in serious negative effects such as aortic dissection. This can lead to hypertension and atherosclerosis, both of which are causes of aneurysms.” Can we blame anabolic steroids for such fatal health conditions? “No formal link has been established between Lindner’s death and his reported usage of steroids.”

Joesthetics Girlfriend said about Joe?

Jo is the best place for everyone.

Yesterday he passed away from an aneurysm. I was there with him in the room.. he put on the necklace on my neck that he made for me.
then..we were just lying down cuddling..waiting for the time to go meet Noel at the gym at 16.00.
he was in my arms.. then this is just happening too fast.. 3 days ago he kept saying that he had pain his neck .. we not really realize it… until it was too late.

At this moment I couldn’t write anything much
Trust me this man is more than what you ever know.. he so sweet kindness strong and HARD WORKMAN and loyalty and honesty smart.

And he is the believer in EVERYONE

specially ME he believes in me that I could be better and be someone in this world.
When everyone else just laugh about it

His think a lot about what to POST and CARE a lot about every comment and everyday after he posted he just in his room reply all the comments him self … he put a lot of work to be motivated to his fan EVEN sometimes he feel not so motivation . but he can’t rest or GIVE UP
Because he knew 8 million people out need this from him.

like he always say “ keep pushing and STAY STRONG “

If your guys were know him like I do… his is the amazing and incredible person in this world.

He done so much and he build so far just by him self.

So please remember him as Joesthetics.


German fitness influencer Jo Lindner, widely known as Joesthetics on Instagram, passed away last week at the age of 30. The renowned bodybuilding star succumbed to an aneurysm – which obstructs blood circulation and causes a clot.

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What happened to Jo Lindner aka Joesthetics?
What happened to Jo Lindner aka Joesthetics?